I Am Not Selective, I Am Just Going To Marry A Rich Man – Acress Shirley Igwe

Shirley Igwe
Shirley Igwe

Former Delta soap model and now actress, Shirley Igwe, has shared the one thing needed in any man she will settle own with.In an interview with Nollywood Insider the actress addressed rumors of her getting married saying; “Marriage is not a bad thing, it’s something I encourage but I’m not married yet. I have never been married. In fact, I’ve never been engaged.Read Also:“Plastic surgery can’t help you” – Actress Shirley Igwe to Surgery Princesses”I’m still very single.”

Continuing, Igwe said: “There have been news circulating that I’m married. I heard it and I ignored it but I’m still hearing it. For now, I am not in any relationship. About being selective, I’m not really sure about that. I just want a man that would worship God with me. You must know how to make money or have made money and know how to multiply money. Then be a good person and be good looking.”

On how she has been coping with life since the COVID-19 lockdown, she said; “I began to use the time the lockdown permitted to restructure my life, because this could be the time God is giving us to live better and know Him more. I coped really fine. God is forever faithful. However, I missed going on set to work because work is like play to me, sometimes. I also missed going out to play, going to church and also going to the market without the scare of the virus. Now, I’m putting myself together and getting ready for work again.”

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